Pizza Hut Receives HALO Award

To say we eat a lot of pizza around here may be a given. But, what is also important to the company is that its team members enjoy a happy work-life balance that includes leading a healthy, active lifestyle. So, while our team members sling pizzas, Pizza Hut works hard to support various wellness programs for every team member and food quality initiatives that benefit both employees and customers. HALO Award

This year we’re being recognized for our efforts. Pizza Hut is the 2016 recipient of the HALO award. An honor, given by the Food News Media crew which awards restaurant companies that provide genuine quality contributions to a happy healthy active lifestyle.

We take a well rounded approach to a balanced lifestyle, both for our employees and customers. For team members we truly invest in their well-being offering a portfolio of programs free of charge or that provide assistance thereby paving the way for team members to pursue physical activities and interests outside of work. A few of our core programs:

  • Global Fit: Gives access to a gym network that offers membership discounts at 10,000 gyms, fitness centers and studios nationwide.
  • Annual Health Screenings: Offered to Assistant Managers and above, screenings measure cholesterol, weight, height, blood pressure, glucose and BMI.
  • Virgin Pulse: Offered to Assistant Managers and above, provides fitness tracking via engagement and incentive programs. Awards employees up to $300 per year for tracking healthy behaviors and completing wellness challenges.

Making sure that our team members keep it moving was just one half of the equation. The Halo Award also recognized Pizza Hut for our high food quality standards and the many strives we’ve made toward freshness and transparency.

  • First national pizza restaurant company to remove artificial colors and flavors in pizza
  • Skinny It Up pizzas
  • Udi’s Gluten-Free Pizza, certified by Gluten-Intolerance Group (GIG)
  • 100% natural Italian sausage and fresh toppings such as spinach, mushrooms, green bell peppers, red onions and tomatoes
  • 100% real cheese made with whole milk mozzarella

THANK YOU to the Food News Media for recognizing our efforts in this year’s HALO Awards and thank you to both our Wellness Program teams as well as our Food Science gurus for helping make Pizza Hut a wonderful place to work and a great place to eat.

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