An Open Letter to Pizza Hut Team Members

Flashbulb memories. Ever heard of it? It’s when you remember a distinct moment in time of something that had great meaning for you – and it can only happen if you feel an incredible sense of personal or cultural connection to the event that results in a strong emotional reaction. The first date with your spouse. Graduating high school. Finishing a marathon.

Or – finding out Pizza Hut won the GOLD Brandon Hall Award for its Life Unboxed culture campaign.

Yes, that’s right – Pizza Hut is both humbled and incredibly proud to have won this distinguished award from a renowned organization that recognizes excellence in talent and culture. Because this award celebrates you. It celebrates a culture created by team members who are second to none. And it celebrates how the culture is lived out every day – by becoming your best. Making friends. And having fun. And by delivering food you’re proud to serve – with a smile and FAST – to millions of customers across the nation. The team here at the Pizza Hut headquarters may have created the Life Unboxed campaign – but the reason it is so powerful is because it is authentic to the way team members, like yourself, approach life at Pizza Hut every day.

YOU have created flashbulb memories for so many. And we want to celebrate a few!

Thank you Keiryn in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for being a bright spot for a family at your restaurant when their kids were having a tough time.

Thank you JoAnn in Greenview, Illinois for teaming together for 26 years at your Pizza Hut restaurant – we’re so proud to have you part of the Pizza Hut family.

Thank you Kim in Bashford Manor, Kentucky for helping one of your team members unlock their full potential and graduate college.

Thank you, Reenie in Lubbock, Texas, for delivering pizzas to the Navy Seal trainee whose car had broken down in a nearby parking lot.

Thank you Sandy in Overland Park, Kansas for being a leader, mentor, coach and advocate for your Pizza Hut team for more than four decades.

Thank you Austin in Knoxville, Tennessee for going above and beyond to include stickers with a pizza order just to make a child’s day.

Thank you Shay in Houston, Texas for delivering pizzas to people in a kayak after the Hurricane Harvey floods.

And a BIG thank you to all Pizza Hut team members – past and present – who have been creating flashbulb memories for people every day for almost 60 years. You’re the reason Pizza Hut has this thing we call Life Unboxed. Because you don’t just make pizzas – you make people happy.

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