2018 National Pizza Championship Coming Soon

Pizza Hut, LLC is hosting the final one-system 2018 National Pizza Championship on October 25! The Pizza Championship is a fun event where Team Members test their pizza-making skills while focusing on the importance of product quality, accuracy and speed, key ingredients to creating food they’re proud to serve and delivering it fast! Seven Pizza Hut Team Members from across the Pizza Hut system will travel to Dallas from all across the nation to compete in the Championship after winning their five different level competitions: restaurant, area, organization and city. The restaurant competitions started in June, so you can see that this is an incredible accomplishment; these seven are simply the BEST of the BEST pizza makers!

Participants were judged on their pizza making ability and standards knowledge. During each level of the competition, they prepared multiple pizzas. Product quality, speed and accuracy were contributing factors to their final score.

The seven finalists joining us in Dallas include: Dakota Klem-Cote from CFL Pizza, Gabbie Harasty from Bittner Restaurant Group, Peyton Ashby from Pizza Hut Corporate, Elliot Wagner from Peak Interests, Alicia Gonzalez from Columbia Basin, Ken Lewis from SDS Restaurants and Maria Marnoni from High Plains Pizza.

First place wins $1,000, second place receives $500 and third gets $250! Each finalist has worked incredibly hard to make it to the National Pizza Championship round. In just three weeks, we will announce the top winner for the entire Pizza Hut system!

Follow Pizza Hut Careers on Facebook and watch the action live October 25 at 8:30 a.m. CDT!

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