Catching Up With Pizza Hut’s Chief Legal Officer

If she’s not jumping out of planes (don’t worry, she’s an experienced sky diver), Lauren Leahy, is soaring in her work here at Pizza Hut and in the community. Learn a bit more about our Chief Legal Officer in this new Q&A series with our Leadership Team.

Who inspired you over the years? My Mom – she is a shining exemplar of making it work. She’s smart, cool, gritty and always made us her priority. She built her business from the ground up and through her global travels, she introduced us to many cultures and a broader way of thinking about the world.  I also had a high school Calculus teacher who believed in me long before I earned it.  Dr. Willis taught me to love math, embrace analytical thinking and that the most difficult challenges can be the most fun.

Who would play you in the film of your life? Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

You’re quite involved in our community; can you talk a little about this work? My community work generally falls into three categories: justice, poverty and human rights. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with various community organizations in these fields, and those experiences have had a transformative impact on my life. Currently, I work on behalf of the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program’s Equal Access to Justice Campaign, an organization that funds civil legal aid to low-income families across the Dallas metroplex. I also serve on the Board for Vogel Alcove, an organization providing therapeutic educational opportunities to young, homeless children, as well as family support (e.g., mental health support, childhood resources, housing, crisis intervention and parenting support/resources). I’m also involved in pro bono legal work with the Human Rights Initiative and serve on the Board of the Dallas Holocaust Museum Center for Education and Tolerance. I’m very excited about the new site for this museum in Dallas, offering substantially larger facilities and expanded educational and cultural programming to advance human rights and combat prejudice, hatred, and indifference.

What is the best part about working at Pizza Hut? Undoubtedly, our people and our culture!

Any parting words to share? Lift as you rise: grab the arm of somebody and bring them with you.

For more about Lauren, click here.

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