Pizza Hut Offers Pizza Tax Refund

Tax season is the worst season. Between figuring out how many dependents you have, which forms you need to fill out, and whether or not you can write off your latest shopping splurge as a tax deduction, the whole thing is one big headache (side note: can you write off Ibuprofen on your tax form?). Luckily, Pizza Hut is here to brighten your April, as we come down to crunch time to get your taxes in and say one final goodbye to your hard-earned cash.

Check out our National Pizza Refund. By filling out a P-2 form—which looks like a regular tax form but way less boring and confusing—customers and fans can win their “net pizza return” in gift cards. Questions on the form are way more fun to answer than your regular 1099, including “Number of Each Type of Dependent” (Options: roommates, children, parents, degenerate friends, my 4AM self). Besides being a hoot, the form is also only one page! It’s a win-win.

Participants can send in their form to Pizza Hut for a chance to win some great prizes (and since when do we win prizes for doing our taxes?!). There will be two Grand Prize winners, 30 second place winners, and 30 third-place winners determined by a random drawing. Forms are due by April 21 for a chance to win.

So you’re in the US, and want to take a quick break from the onerous process of giving the government your money, head over to and to check out some of the other fun questions on the first ever Pizza Hut P-2!

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