With Bold Vision, Chequan Lewis Enters New Role as Pizza Hut’s Chief Operating Officer

For the better part of three months, as he prepared to take the reins of his new role, Chequan Lewis spent nearly all of his time in restaurants – Pizza Hut restaurants – going to school on what it takes to execute as a restaurant team member for an affiliate of one of the world’s biggest restaurant brands. Now, as Pizza Hut’s new chief operating officer, he’s taking what he learned from that experience, as well as his extensive background in other fields, to help chart a course that will make working at Pizza Hut – and by extension, being a Pizza Hut customer – even more satisfying.

“I’m coming into this role laser focused on making it easier for team members to work at Pizza Hut,” said Lewis. “My vision is ultimately to put the team member at the center of everything we do–from how we prep dough, to how we think about inventory, to the way we fulfill orders. All these things deeply impact the human beings our restaurants rely on to do the work. And if we make our concept easier for them to execute, they will thrill our customers.”

Lewis, who most recently served as the brand’s first chief equity officer, sees a deep connection between his work in equity and his new position. In addition to putting restaurant team members first when it comes to strategic decisions about the business, he sees the importance of fostering a true culture of belonging in driving a greater sense of collaboration and teamwork, ultimately allowing restaurants to operate efficiently and successfully.

By providing opportunities for restaurant employees to excel in their current roles, Lewis believes it will set the stage for meaningful growth opportunities, which in the long run will create a viable pathway for restaurant team members to reach greater possibilities—whether more senior positions or even ownership roles within the brand or franchise organization.

“If we can create an environment where they can feel truly invested and ultimately call the shots within their restaurants one day, we believe team members will ultimately have deeper roots within the business,” said Lewis.

In his new role, Lewis reports to David Graves, President of Pizza Hut U.S.. Looking towards the company’s long-term priorities, this renewed focus on a people-centric restaurant culture, and simplicity in operations, fits perfectly with where Graves says the brand is headed.

“Our team members define how our brand shows up to customers. They are the single most important part of our brand. It’s our responsibility to give them the best possible experience in store,” said Graves. “When we make it easier to work and have a career at Pizza Hut we attract and retain the best employees. Everyone wins when we get that right.”

About Chequan Lewis

Chequan Lewis is the Chief Operating Officer for Pizza Hut U.S.. He leads the business’s operational focus on delivering world-class food and service to Pizza Hut’s customers while elevating the everyday experiences of the restaurant teams who serve them. Chequan previously held other leadership roles within the company since joining in 2016. Most recently, he served as Chief Equity Officer, where he championed, promoted, and guided the company’s equity and inclusion vision, strategy, and initiatives across Pizza Hut’s footprint as a franchisor, employer, and community pillar. Prior to that, he was Senior Director of Express, and before that was Director of Legal.

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