A Pizza My Hut: Love Letters to Pizza Hut

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the impact and magical moments pizza can create for customers and their families. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Pizza Hut, LLC and its franchisees want to share some of their favorite ‘love letters’ sent in from customers to celebrate the holiday.

Creating Core Memories

“It all started at Pizza Hut in October 1997, when we went on a lunch date at the location in Decatur, Ga.  I told her, ‘By this time next year, you’ll be my wife.’ I won’t go into her response (let’s just say the word please and an eye roll were in the sentence structure), but we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary in 2022! That’s right, do the math … we were married 9 months after our first date!”

“I used to be a part of BOOK IT!® as a kid, and I earned so many stickers, buttons and Personal Pan Pizzas®. I hit a big milestone on writing my own book recently … and I got myself a pan pizza to celebrate. Thank you, Pizza Hut, for encouraging a little girl to read!”

“Pizza Hut, I just wanted to say thank you. When I was a kid, you had a book club and rewarded kids with pizza for reading books. I was a poor kid living in a broken home, without much food. It was such a special treat to be rewarded a pizza. As an adult, I still buy from Pizza Hut because of this.”

Going Above and Beyond

“I would like to thank my delivery driver that I feel has amazing customer service in Tucker, Ga. I had been a little under the weather and I wanted a quick dinner for my children. Ordering pizza isn’t something I get to do often due to my budget, but I feel very lucky to have him deliver my order that day. I had forgotten to add my apartment number and the delivery driver called me asking for the information. I apologized and explained I was sick and had forgotten to add it. He told me it was no big deal. I was surprised by how kind the young man was – he wasn’t annoyed about the inconvenience, and it meant a lot. It’s the small things that stick out to a customer. I greatly appreciated his patience; it meant a lot.”

“I picked up my order and the gentleman at the register remembered me from the week before. He was so nice; I gave him a tip in my pickup order! There are very friendly people working at my Pizza Hut restaurant.” 

I A-dough You

“Everything was superb. The buffalo chicken melt was delicious and so was the pizza. We were greeted by the nicest young men. They were so professional and seemed to love their jobs. We grabbed the manager when he walked by to tell him all of this since we are also business owners and like to get feedback from our customers. We told him the food was great and the restaurant area was nice and clean. The manager was so enthusiastic and seemed so proud and thankful for his job, employees, customers and the Pizza Hut Brand. We assumed we were talking to the General Manager, but to our surprise he was just the assistant manager. He is a gem!”

“Our church small group met there for our weekly study. The food was prompt, and we didn’t have to wait long. The server that took care of us handled us efficiently even though she was trying to take care of the drive thru, dining area, and pickups. The kitchen staff assisted her as needed but she did a great job. Thanks to all of them for taking great care of our group!”

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