What Your Pizza Toppings Say About You

Are you a veggies all the way or a cheesy kind of pizza eater? Do you like to spice your pizza up with jalapeños? Read on to see what your favorite pizza toppings say about you, according to Pizza Hut’s Innovation team.

You are a purist and enjoy the simple things in life – done consistently and well. You don’t believe in being over the top, flashy or showy. You are known as a dependable and reliable friend and confidante.

You’re the popular kid and usually get along with everyone, but you’re not a pushover. You don’t take yourself, or life, too seriously and like to live life drama-free, surrounded by people who support you, and bring you joy. You aim to pay it forward and return the favor.

Italian Sausage
You choose to go slightly against the grain and you – and everyone around you – are better for it. You say: Why be ordinary when I can be extraordinary? You bring out the best in your friends and family, and always bring a lightness that is greatly appreciated.

You are super chill, easy to be around and a good conversationalist. You appreciate the small things in life. You know life is full of its ups and downs, and you’re happy to take both.

You do not care what other people think about you. You do what is authentically you, and people love that! You are not afraid to take risks and enjoy life as you see fit. You are fun and adventurous, but also enjoy your downtime. You know that life is all about balance.

You are bold, daring and out-going – you’ve never met a stranger! Friends and family know that you will bring excitement and fun to the room, and they depend on you as their fearless leader in uncertain or new situations.

You are a bit quirky, with a fun personality and proud to stand out from the crowd. You are confident and enjoy showing your uniqueness to the world. You don’t care if people judge you for your opinions.

You live life to the fullest and live every day with a little bit of the fear of missing out. Sometimes this can make you a bit indecisive, especially when trying to make plans with friends and family. However, everyone knows that when you are around, they are sure to feel important, valued and right at home.

Veggie Lover’s®
You are the one that everyone comes to for advice, and friends often say you are wise beyond your years as well as a great listener. You are mild-mannered, practical, thoughtful and always sensitive to the needs of those around you.

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