Costa Rica Delivers Slices of Joy for Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project

In Costa Rica, The Literacy Project comes to life in Pizza Hut local communities through a program called Slices de Alegria, meaning, Slices of Joy. Slices De Alegria raises money in Costa Rica Pizza Hut restaurants in order to send packages of school books to children in low-income provinces. Thanks to the generous contribution of Pizza Hut customers, partners and employees, in 2016:

75 volunteers were activated
300 hours were volunteered
7 provinces were served
110 local schools were helped
39,400 books were delivered to kids in need
9,800 kids received school books

Since 2011, Pizza Hut Costa Rica has been committed to building a society with opportunities for all and helping everyone become their best. Slices of Joy promotes academic development of children at social risk by providing them year after year with the textbooks needed for their academic school year. The program, made possible by the support of Pizza Hut Costa Rica customers and partners, has helped by donating more than 90,000 books to more 20,000 children in the last four years.

Learn more about Slices de Alegria’s 2016 impact by watching the video from Pizza Hut Costa Rica below!

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