Top 4 Reasons Why I Love Working at Pizza Hut

In the spirit of good AWESOME blog writing, it’s only natural to craft at least one numbered list. There are a million reasons why I think Pizza Hut is a great company to work for. In turn, this presents quite the challenge for me to narrow this list down to just a few. Creating a list of my favorite things at Pizza Hut is extremely easy. Narrowing down that list to the top four… um, near impossible. But here it goes:

  1. Competent, Friendly Coworkers

    When I started at Pizza Hut, I was hit with a wave of people welcoming me for at least a week. Shortly after, I started having one-on-one meetings (kind of like professional speed dating) with coworkers who I would soon spend lots of time with. I asked person after person to share their favorite thing about working at Pizza Hut. By far, the number one answer was “the people.” My coworkers are not only friendly, but extremely competent. I feel like it’s a rare blend and I feel blessed to call them my family.

  2. Fun Environment

    Pizza Hut is about making wonderful food and delivering excellent customer service, all in a fun work environment. This extends past the restaurant and into the corporate headquarters aka CORE (Center of Restaurant Excellence). We have special events, taste tests, happy hours (shhh), the list goes on. Cliché, but true – we work hard, but we also play hard.

  3. Will Read for Food

    Growing up, I remember reading numerous books in grade school. Luckily, I had quite the incentive. What incentive, you ask? Delicious Personal Pan Pizza offered in reward for active participation in the BOOK It! program. After reading a predetermined amount of books, I was awarded a certificate for a free pizza. Filling up my BOOK It! button was a favorite youth accomplishment of mine.

  4. Pizza Hut Potential

    Pizza Hut is a global brand, owned by Yum! Brands which also operates Taco Bell and KFC. We encourage global mobility, develop leaders, and recognize accomplishments. I’ve witnessed people grow from Restaurant level positions into the HQ, shuffle departments within the CORE, and even transition to other Yum! Brands in the international space.

All said, great reasons to work here are in abundance. I’ve been at Pizza Hut for 1.5 years, on the communications team in the Digital Engagement role. I focus on internal branding, web applications and portals, print design, and many more items. I’m looking forward to sharing more of what’s happening with Pizza Hut here on Hut Life going forward. Cheers!

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