Introducing: Life Unboxed

You’ve probably been hearing the phrase Life Unboxed thrown around a bit recently. Between announcing our new partnership with Excelsior college to make it easier for our teams to earn a college degree, updating our restaurant’s uniforms for the 21st century, and launching a new Heartstyles training program for leaders, we’re working hard to show our people—Pizza Hut people—just how much we care. We’re a big company, with a big heart, and we want to make sure that love is felt in each and every one of our more than 6,000 restaurants around the world.

So, we decided to go big or go home, and recently announced the launch of Life Unboxed, a movement to show what’s great about being a part of Team Pizza Hut. We promise that if you work in our restaurants, you’ll find a place where you can make friends, become your best, and have fun. We want to work with people who feel that being at Pizza Hut is about more than just a paycheck: it’s about unlocking your potential, recognizing good work, and being part of a team that truly cares.

Recently, we put those values to the test with a launch event at our headquarters in Dallas. Our research showed that no matter where you go in the world, being part of the Pizza Hut family means the same thing; survey results from our teams in Malaysia, Australia, the UK, the US, Dubai, and Korea showed that team members everywhere value the opportunity to be a part of a strong team, in a culture that recognizes and rewards hard work, with the potential to grow into a long-term and meaningful career. We wanted to show our leaders in Dallas exactly what that thread binding our teams together feels like.

The day was part celebration, part learning experience. With three team activities to show everyone what we mean by make friends, become your best, and have fun, the group gained a deeper understanding of our company’s commitment to creating a great culture.

“The beauty of Life Unboxed is that it may have a slightly different meaning to each person, but the amazing thing is whatever strikes you and connects with you about Life Unboxed also reflects the essence of our brand,” said Kara Barry, Director of Engagement and one of the leading thinkers behind the Life Unboxed campaign.

Because truly, living life unboxed captures what it means to be yourself and find success without having to compromise your values and personality. While the rally was going on, we stopped a few people to get their reaction and learn what Life Unboxed means to them. “Life Unboxed to me means being part of a company that allows everyone to find success in their own unique way,” says Michelle Bonds, Senior Associate Manager of Internal Brand Experience.

For Christophe Poirier, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Pizza Hut International, Life Unboxed is a mindset. “It’s hard to put into words what I think about Life Unboxed. It’s really a way of life now more than anything else. It’s about doing the right thing, believing in people. Helping each other out. It’s about family, follow-though, and inspiration. You can’t find that anywhere else.”

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