Your Car Wants it to be Pizza Night

Last summer brought the ground-breaking, life-altering, nation-saving innovation, “Push For Pizza,” an app that with the touch of a button lets you have a pizza paid for and delivered, tip included. Developed by five stoned teenagers, Push For Pizza seemed like the height of human evolution, with nowhere to go from here but down.

UNTIL NOW: this month, Pizza Hut and Visa teamed up to debut a button that lets you order and pay for pizza from your car. Stuck in traffic? Order some wings! Visa showcased a prototype earlier in March at the Mobile World Congress, a conference showcasing the latest innovations in mobile technology in Barcelona, revolutionizing the pizza ordering process for generations to come.

How does it work, you ask? Visa has integrated their payment system into the dashboard of your car, so that the driver can use voice control technology to place an order by accessing Pizza Hut’s menu. Visa will validate your card payment, and as you drive to the nearest Pizza Hut restaurant, beacon technology will alert the restaurant of your imminent arrival. The car sends your payment details to Pizza Hut’s check out system, et voila, pizza is delivered to your car!

So far, the program has only been tested in Hyundai cars, but Visa is open to working with other manufacturers. Visa and Pizza Hut will continue to test the system in a few northern California restaurants. The more ways to order a pizza, faster, the better, IMO.

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