Staying the Course – Pizza Hut’s Lori Livingston Earns Bachelor’s Degree Through Life Unboxed EDU Program

Lori Livingston is someone who works hard, perseveres and never gives up on her dreams. We’re celebrating her great work coming from the Life Unboxed EDU Program – she recently earned her bachelor’s degree with the program! The mother of two has worked for Pizza Hut for four and a half years and is currently the General Manager at her Pizza Hut restaurant.

Lori is the first person in her family to earn her bachelor’s degree. Raised in a small town in Tennessee, she never had the means to finish college when she wanted to. She always kept the idea of going back to college close to her heart, and looked forward to the future for another chance to go back. When she learned about Pizza Hut’s partnership with Excelsior College, she became inspired. This was the moment she had been waiting for.

Saving 50% on her tuition cost and transferring credits from prior college courses, a bachelor’s degree was more attainable than before. Lori took two classes each semester, working with dedicated advisors that encouraged her and gave her the support she needed. She enjoyed the convenience of the program being online, as it worked well with her day-to-day routine. Her professors were flexible with her schedule and offered interactive support throughout the semester.

“My experience with the Life Unboxed EDU Program was wonderful,” Livingston explains. “I enjoyed the courses and they relate to my role at Pizza Hut and even helped me be a better manager.”

Lori wanted to earn her degree for herself, but also for her family. Her husband and sons motivate her to be her best and she wanted to lead by example to never give up on their goals in life. Lori’s accomplishments are inspiring and they have motivated not just her family, but her coworkers too.

Lori’s advice for those who are on the fence about furthering their education, “It’s never too late to earn your degree. It’s hard work, but so worth it in the end.”

So what’s next for Lori? Now that she has her bachelor’s degree, she is considering a master’s degree and looks forward to growing her career with Pizza Hut!

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