Mother and daughter share their love of the family pizza business

Krystal Burge is the cofounder of Desert De Oro Foods, with her brother, Mark Peterson. Tiffany Oder, Krystal’s daughter, is a leader in the business. They operate 90 Pizza Hut® branded restaurants in the Phoenix, Arizona, market. The family started their franchise organization with Taco Bell® branded restaurants in the 1980s before joining the Pizza Hut system 13 years ago. They operate a combined total of 300 Pizza Hut and Taco Bell locations in seven states.

Krystal and Tiffany took some time to share their love of the business and advice with other women as they navigate the restaurant industry.

Krystal Burge

Krystal, why did you choose to work with Pizza Hut and why should women consider franchising?
Pizza Hut is a strong company to partner with, and the brand legacy is something that drew me to it. Franchise restaurants have a platform for success if you are willing to work and achieve your best. The biggest positive about operating Pizza Hut restaurants is the chance to coach and build team member capability so that they can take care of our guests. It is an everyday opportunity. I believe partnership and inclusion are important in building teams and growing a brand.

Women have the characteristics to plan and grow to succeed. Their determination and follow-through can bring them much success in their field. The most important thing I have learned is to communicate with all people at all levels inside my business. This is the only way we all can be successful in our roles. Always continue learning and growing in your career and life and have fun in all you do!

Tiffany, what are your insights on the restaurant industry?
I am the second generation in our company, and I am honored my mom and uncle chose to invest in Pizza Hut. Starting your own business or becoming a franchisee is a lot of work and it can seem scary at first, but you can create a great opportunity to build something for yourself and your family. The hardest challenge I currently face is work-life balance. I have three young girls, so I always try to make sure I spend plenty of time with my family when I can.

Tiffany Oder

The restaurant industry has a lot of male leaders, and that took some time to get used to in the beginning, but I have met so many amazing mentors along the way that I wouldn’t change a thing. Women are given so many different opportunities now and I think it is important to take advantage of them. We have many women in powerful positions in our organization who attained their positions because of their capability and determination.

Thanks, Krystal and Tiffany for sharing your insights and for making us #PizzaHutProud!

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