She’s a dreamer. She’s a goal getter. She’s determined. Pizza Hut’s Sonya Borden didn’t let anything stand between her and her education. She lost the limits and went for her associate’s degree with the Life Unboxed EDU program.

Sonya began her career with Pizza Hut as a hostess at just 16 years old. Becoming a young mother in high school, Sonya enjoyed the flexibility and community the store brought to her life. Over the years she advanced from Team Member, to Assistant Manager, to her current role as RGM. Sonya felt she never had the money or the time to pursue a college degree during this time, but education remained important to her.

“Pizza Hut has always been flexible with my schedule and offered me great ways to provide for my family,” says Borden, “but I knew I wanted more for my children with their education as they got older, and I wanted to set the example.”

When Sonya’s daughter graduated college, it inspired her to go back to school and achieve her own college degree. Borden wanted to further her education for her family and for herself. Her coach encouraged her to look into the EDU program. At first she was hesitant, being out of school for so long, but when she researched Pizza Hut’s partnership with Excelsior College, she felt confident about moving forward with the program. She appreciated the support she received from the advisory team, her colleagues and her family throughout the process, and learned that all of her Learning Zone credits were going to transfer over successfully to give her a head start on her degree.

Even as a full-time employee and mother, she managed to achieve her associate’s degree in two years without taking any breaks between courses. Although she faced many challenges with her new hectic schedule, she had tremendous support of those around her to follow her dreams. Her amazing dedication paid off and her family couldn’t have been more proud to see her walk the stage to get her diploma.

Borden has advice for those interested in achieving a college degree. “You can do anything if you set your mind to it. Go for your goals and don’t let yourself believe you can’t achieve anything.”

We’re excited to see how this amazing achievement enhances her career. As we like to say here, “Pizza Hut may not be your only thing, but it could be the very thing that makes the rest possible.” Congratulations, Sonya, for setting an example with this wonderful accomplishment!

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