100K Opportunities, Part 2: Phoenix

Recently, the 100K Opportunities Coalition hit the road for their second stop in Phoenix, Arizona. Much like the experience in Chicago, the event was inspirational and awe-inspiring for employers and candidates alike. (If you missed our coverage of the first event in Chicago, check out what went down.) Our franchisees, Hot Pizzas LLC (remember them?) and Householder Org were part of the 25 companies who made more than 500 immediate job offers over the course of just a few hours.

By all accounts, the 100K Opportunities fair in Phoenix was a great success. More than 1700 people—most of whom were Latino and African American— attended to participate in job interviews, mentoring and coaching, resume development, and to receive general career advice from the companies and community organizations in attendance. Members of the 100K partnership will provide ongoing mentorship to 500 youth who received on-the-spot offers, and to the additional 100 candidates who were invited to next-round interviews. Local organizations will also directly follow-up with the young people who attended, support made possible by a grant and technical support from the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions and Jobs for the Future this month.

For our franchisees, the day was a big win. Lori Weintraub, Director of Operations at Hot Pizzas, was positive about the overall experience: “I was impressed with the organization and training that went into preparing for the day. The young people were very professional and very well prepared on all the things that really matter—attire, shaking hands, interview skills. Our team enjoyed being a part of this community and our leaders had some time to do some additional coaching. Overall, it was just great.”

Community involvement is central to the Hot Pizzas restaurants, as they gear up to support the Phoenix Children’s Hospital next month. Lori says throughout the year, in addition to raising month for the hospital, the restaurant teams do a lot for local schools. Next month, Hot Pizzas will be donating 175 pizzas and participating in the Ignite Hope Walk fundraiser.

As for the 100K Opportunities initiative, the next stop? Los Angeles. According to the 100K press release, Los Angeles is a unique market in that 2 in 5 people who are unemployed in LA County are young people, with nearly 19% of young people unemployed or absent from the labor force or school system. The coalition continues to grow, as more companies join the effort each day—all good things for potential job seekers, and Pizza Hut is honored and inspired to continue to be a part of the movement. Stay tuned for more events to come!

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