Pizza Hut in Zambia Delivers Hope to School

Heart-warming news this week from Pizza Hut in Zambia, one of the newest additions to the PH family! Our local franchisee has been sponsoring the Shitima School, a non-denominational, K-12 school located on the outskirts of Kabswe for the past eight weeks—virtually as soon as the restaurant opened!

The school was looking for some added support for the roughly 420 kids currently enrolled in classes. Since fundraising through Deliver Hope began at Pizza Hut Zambia, the team has raised nearly $1500, which will go toward the school’s IT project. The Shitima school provides education, housing and love and care to orphans, former street kids, and other children living in Makalulu, the second largest shantytown in Sub-Saharan Africa. You can learn more about the school on their website.

Not only is Pizza Hut supporting current students, we’re also committed to championing those who graduate successfully. The team welcomed recent graduate Luckson to the family in a Facebook post that generated 150,000 views on Pizza Hut Zambia’s Facebook site (huge numbers for our first, eight-week old store in the country)! Luckson is the first team member to come from the school, and Pizza Hut Zambia hopes to hire many more in the future and as new stores open. Check out the post below, and follow their Facebook page to see all the awesome news coming from one of the newest members of the Pizza Hut family!

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