Pizza Hut UK Saves the (Wedding) Day!

Meanwhile, over in the UK, Bradley Mezei is a customer service representative by day, wedding hero by night. When a woman called him in distress because it seemed like her pizza order might not make it to the wedding reception, Bradley took matters into his own hands and personally made sure that 30 pizzas were delivered hot to her big day.

As Bradley tells it, a call arrived from a woman who was having trouble finding a restaurant with the capacity to fulfill and deliver her large order at short notice. When one store outside the delivery radius declined her request, Bradley stepped in:

“I called the restaurant in Stevenage [England] and spoke to a manager on shift in the morning who said he would be more than happy to put the order through. I called the customer back and told her the news. She couldn’t thank me enough. I advised that she would need to ring the store to put the order through and to pay for the order. A few hours later, I called the store back and spoke to a manager called Alex, who was absolutely brilliant. We had numerous conversations over the evening trying to sort the situation out. I contacted the customer back again and she said that she had ordered the food. I informed her that I lived in St. Albans so that she didn’t have to worry about the issue with the delivery and that I would deliver them for 8:00PM the following day.

I drove to St. Albans with my partner and we arrived at the Pizza Hut at roughly 7:30, the food was almost ready and the store were extremely welcoming. They gave us a couple of drinks on the house upon arriving and the manager came out to welcome us, and the team even helped us deliver the food to the car.

We arrived at the venue, unloaded all of the food and took it over to the reception. The customer came out to thank me for what I had done, gave me a huge hug and chatted with me for 15 minutes. I gave her a congratulations card from Pizza Hut and myself, to which she was overwhelmed with the gesture. The venue itself was stunning. She had multiple tents all linked up with fairy lights, outdoor wood burners, and of-course, 30 huge boxes of pizza.”


Bradley says she was the nicest customer he has worked with during his time in customer service at Pizza Hut, and we say that Bradley is a true hero for going above and beyond for the customer. Thanks for being a champion for Pizza Hut and for making sure her wedding day was perfection!

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