Pizza Hut Middle East Goes Flying

Pizza Hut Dubai is thinking WAY outside the box with their latest campaign for their limited-time menu offering, Cheesy Garlic Twist Stuffed Crust pizza. In their first ever YouTube-only series, the team shot a series of videos using on-the-go cameras to show some seriously twisted ways to enjoy Pizza Hut!

YouTube is extremely popular in the Middle East, with the highest number of per capita viewers in the World; mainly from Saudi Arabia. For those of us who don’t speak Arabic, the concept behind the campaign is ‘A Little Twist makes things more exciting.’ The video starts by showing that being normal is overrated, with a male Pizza Hut fan gazing off into the distance blandly while and enjoying a slice of pizza. A voice in the background calls him “boring,” at which point the camera cuts to a wider angle, and you see the same man eating pizza while flying out of a plane, wake-boarding, and munching on pizza while being buried in sand. The narrator then says, “That’s not boring at all: a simple twist makes things more exciting.” Check out the skydiving video here:

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