Building a New Red Roof

The Red Roof isn’t just an architectural style, after 58 years and more than 6,000 restaurants, it’s a part of Americana, a cultural touch point that just about everyone can readily identify. So, how do you take something as iconic as that red slated roof and bring it into the new millennium so that it can meet new consumer demands? Well, you call up the Pizza Hut Development team, and they eagerly tackle the challenge of doing just that.

People want different things from restaurants these days because our lives are different. They’re faster, more connected and just plain busier. We need restaurants that can keep up but are still the relaxing social hub that they’ve always been, and the development team at Pizza Hut sought to keep this in mind as they began creating all new assets to respond to modern requests.

Kurt Smith, Senior Director of Development here at Pizza Hut explained how his team approached the redesign.

“Our new concept was designed to make it easier for our customers to get a better pizza. We knew we had to keep the operating platform simple. This helps ensure quality pizzas get served to our customers quickly and consistently across all channels – dine-in, carry-out, and delivery. We also knew we had to contemporize the restaurant experience in a manner that fits our brand heritage. We focused on consumer preferences for open kitchen, customization, modern ambiance and engaging service.”

So, in pursuit of making it better and easier, this meant not only updating the eat-in experience with newly designed dining rooms, open kitchens and a broader menu but also providing solutions for eating occasions traditionally not focused on by Pizza Hut namely, lunch and happy hour. The new assets offer an excellent lunch special with delicious create your own 9in. personal pizzas that cook in about 3 minutes and happy hour deals on ice cold beer for the afternoons after work. That’s right Pizza Hut isn’t just for Friday nights at home anymore!

It’s not just the dining rooms that have received an upgrade in the new assets. Many also provide takeaway windows and/or specified takeaway parking spots to make carrying out your pizza quicker and easier than ever.

Some remodeled restaurants have already opened, like the new fast casual type asset in Lantana, TX, or the rebuilt Red Roof in Thermopolis, WY, and the results have been very encouraging. These restaurants are winning over new customers and wowing the regulars alike. And there’s way more to come. Pizza Hut Franchisees have pledged their financial support to help over 600 assets get the makeover treatment in the coming months with more slated for remodeling each year through 2025.

The assets may be changing, but it is Pizza Hut’s restaurant heritage that will be the connecting thread. We’re just finding new, updated ways to remain one of America’s favorite restaurants.

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