Military Appreciation Month Slice of Life Edition: Meet Veteran Dina Ford

Your story matters and Pizza Hut, LLC is here to help you tell it. The new Slice of Life Spotlight Series is a space for employees to have their voices heard and acknowledge the unique individuals who comprise the Pizza Hut team.

In recognition of Military Appreciation Month, PHLLC is proud to celebrate Pizza Hut Executive Assistant and United States Air Force Veteran, Dina Ford. Dina provided insights into her life, time in the Military, and allowed us to share her story in honor of our Military personnel.

Tell us about your career journey?
“Prior to coming to Pizza Hut, LLC, I was a Healthcare Account Manager, and I traveled every week – two to three days a week. I knew that eventually I would have to do something different because it was taking a toll on my body, and I didn’t love what I was doing. I remembered that I love supporting others and making sure they shine in the spotlight. I decided to go back to being in a support role, taking the job at Pizza Hut, LLC. I tend to think I’m good at my job because I love my job.”

Why did you decide to enlist in the military and how did in impact your life?
“I decided to enlist in the Air Force because I needed money to pay for my schooling. It was a great way to make a career and get a degree. I do not think I would have left my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana, if I had not enlisted. It helped me see the world and see things clearly and differently.”

What were your first days enlisted and basic training experience like?
“This is a little funny. On the first day, the Air Force Band came and asked if anyone played instruments. I played viola in school, so they moved me to Drum and Bugle to play triple drums, so I went from day one to day 21 of the process on the first day!”

What is your favorite quote and why?
“Change is difficult but often essential to survival (by Les Brown). This became my quote while in the military because change happened often, and we had to learn to adapt. Many people failed because they did not like changes, so I learned I had to adjust to grow.”

What would you like people to know about veterans like yourself?
“We are hard workers, loyal to a tee. If we are your friends, you have a partner for life. Many of us have experienced traumatic events and some people think we are crazy, but we are not. We have great hearts.”

What else would you like people to know about you?
“I am sensitive and a true introvert. People think I am brash, but I am a softy. My friends would describe me as loyal, determined, and free willed. Growing up I wanted to be a lawyer or a nurse. I served 15 years in total – 10 years active duty and five years Air Force Reservist. My fondest memory, from my time in the military, is the camaraderie amongst me and my friends. I still have friends that I served with.”

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