Meet Vanessa Griggs, Folino Award Winner!

Each year at our annual Spring Business Conference, we take the time to reward the Restaurant General Manager (RGMs) who make our company great. The Folino award—along with the Kendall Award and BOOK It! Connect with Effect Award—recognizes the one of the best leaders within our organization, and we’re proud to introduce this year’s winner!

The Lou Folino Award is presented to the RGM who is a true role model for leadership in his or her restaurant and community. The annual honor is named for Lou Folino, a legendary Pizza Hut RGM who led the team in Irwin, Pennsylvania for 25 years with a passion for customer service and the Pizza Hut brand. This award is given to the RGM who shows that same passion by holding a high standard of service excellence for themselves and the team. Meet this year’s winner, Vanessa Griggs!


Vanessa Griggs, Havre, Montana

Vanessa’s leadership can best be shown through her commitment to fundraising for her community of Havre, Montana, making her a true pillar of the Havre community. Each Thursday, Vanessa and her team host Fundraiser Night for Havre citizens and organizations in need, with 20% of sales—along with tips and cash donations going to a worthy individual or cause. Vanessa has led the effort to support a plethora of causes: a man battling cancer, the local Boy Scouts troop, a man who needed help to making his college tuition payments, a family looking to rebuild after a house fire, and the United Way, Special Olympics, and World Hunger Relief, among many others. Fundraising Nights are extremely popular, often leading to a more than 50% increase in sales when compared to other weeknights.

Vanessa’s leadership is manifested not only in her efforts to support the community, but in her proactivity in finding needs in the community that she and her team can help meet. She belongs to the United States Junior Chamber (known commonly as Jaycees), a leadership training and civic organization that emphasizes business development, management skills, individual training, and community service. Through this involvement, she sells Pizza Hut at summer fair with all proceeds going to the 4th of July Fireworks fund.

Vanessa’s tireless work for Havre, Montana is shown in countless ways, from her efforts on behalf of the Rocky Boy Reservation, the Havre Chamber of Commerce, and the National Law Enforcement’s recognition day to her hosting of “employer nights” (40% of for employees of featured businesses who dine-in on Monday) and her 35 mile trip to Big Sandy, MT to cater a wedding. She’s a true steward of the brand and her passion for pizza is a great credit to the company! Thank you Vanessa for everything you do!

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