Tara Smith of Fairborn, Ohio, is a current delivery driver at Pizza Hut and never received her High School Diploma or GED. The mother of four was excited to discover the GEDWorks Program when she clocked in one day. The GEDWorks Program is completely free for the Team Members of Pizza Hut, LLC and participating franchise organizations. The program includes all the tools needed to pass the GED test. We had a chance to chat with Tara about her experience in achieving her GED and what it means to her.

Hut Life: What inspired you to look into the GEDWorks program?

Tara Smith: My son inspired me when he graduated high school this year. I told my husband that I wish I had gotten my GED, too. I happened to clock into work one day and saw the GEDWorks program on the screen. After my shift, I found out more information on it.

HL: How easy did you find this program to fit in with your day-to-day schedule?

TS: It worked well, and I never felt overwhelmed. I would study about an hour a day at night after work. To achieve my GED, it took about two months to complete.

HL: What did you like about the program?

TS: It was convenient and easy to follow along online. I liked that I was able to do this in the privacy of my own home and could take my time.

HL: Has anything changed for you since you completed your GED?

TS: My family is proud of me and my accomplishments, and that means a lot to me. Now I can also add this achievement to my resume, which is a huge success for my future.

HL: What would your advice be to other aspiring to achieve their GED?

TS: Don’t wait, and use this opportunity to get it while you can. Take your time and complete at your own pace, it’s worth it in the end!

HL: Do you have a message for your co-workers? Your family?

TS: GEDWorks is successful and convenient for anyone. I recommend it!

HL: What’s next for you, Tara?

TS: I am inspired to go back to school to complete my college degree, but for now I am going to take a few classes at the Career Center.

We’re proud of Tara’s accomplishments and delighted to have her as part of our Pizza Hut family. To find out more information on the GEDWorks program click here.

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