World Hunger Relief in the Philippines

Around the world, our Pizza Hut team members went above and beyond for World Hunger Relief this year. How? Well, in the Philippines, our restaurants teamed up with the United Nations World Food Programme and ventured out to their own backyard into the conflict-affected community of Laneo, Mindanao, one of the benefiting communities from funds raised by Pizza Hut’s World Hunger Relief Campaign.

In Laneo Del Norte and Laneo Del Sur, the World Food Programme supports a school feeding program that benefits thousands of school children. For many of these children, this is the only meal they have for the day. The Pizza Hut team spent their trip assisting the World Food Programme staff by distributing nutritious meals and goody bags to the over 900 students who attend the Denaig and Pindulonan Elementary Schools.

Pizza Hut Philippines leadership team saw the mission trip as an opportunity for their employees who participate in fund-raising for the World Hunger Relief Campaign to experience firsthand the difference the proceeds of their campaigns can make. Tech Huack “TH” Lim, Chief Operating Officer of Pizza Hut Philippines praised the mission by saying, “In the Philippines we have over 5,000 employees, and by engaging them to take part in our World Hunger Relief Campaign, we can make a huge contribution in alleviating hunger, especially among children, while encouraging our employees to grow into socially responsible members of their community.”

The World Food Programme distributes funds raised by Pizza Hut to wherever there is the highest need. The Philippines is unique to Global Pizza Hut’s fundraising efforts because they are one of the few countries where the proceeds often directly support issues in their own backyard.  According to the WFP, while the Philippines is a low middle-income country, and many suffer from a food deficit, which is often made worse by combined effects of natural and man-made disasters in the area, including earthquakes, typhoons and armed conflict. The WFP works closely with the Philippines government, UN agencies, and local community organizations to support the poor and vulnerable people there, helping them rebuild their lives and increase long term food and nutrition security.

Way to go, Pizza Hut Philippines. Thanks for your huge hearts and the even huger difference you make in your community.

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