Chatting with Pizza Hut

As you go about your Cyber Monday shopping you’ll be happy to know that the days of shouting into the social media void are numbered! Thanks to new direct messaging technology on Twitter and Facebook, customers can now enjoy up to the minute interactive conversations with Pizza Hut to express their concerns, pass along a compliment and even order their Friday night pizza.

“The new Pizza Hut social ordering platform is another example of making it easy for our customer to order their favorites from Pizza Hut. We are constantly pursuing ways to simplify our ordering experience. This platform allows our consumers to quickly order or get information within Twitter where they are already spending a great deal of their time.”

-Baron Concors the Chief Digital Officer for Pizza Hut US.

Now for Twitter and Facebook fans there’s no need to navigate away from their favorite platforms to order. That functionality is built in right along with the rest of their experience.

For Twitter, users can order from any location using their Pizza Hut account and just a few clicks. Simply go to the Pizza Hut Twitter page, click on the Message button and voila, a friendly Pizza Hut message encourages you to ask a question or begin your order. Menu favorites are available, and if you have a payment option saved under your Pizza Hut account, there’s also a streamlined payment process, so you don’t even have to get off the couch to find your wallet!

On the Facebook side, customers can connect their Facebook messenger to their Pizza Hut accounts, thereby significantly reducing the amount of information required to order.

Once an order is confirmed the customer receives a receipt in their email inbox as well as a confirmation message on their direct message platform.

Ordering via direct messaging is one of the many new ways we’re making it easier to get a better pizza. Because no matter the technological advance, our focus remains on delivering restaurant quality products and outstanding customer service to Hut Lovers everywhere!

See below for a short video on ordering via chat on Twitter and if you have any further questions make sure to check out the FAQs here.

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