Award-winning Restaurant General Manager Sets the Example

Aloha! Lisa Sabas is the general manager for the Pizza Hut® restaurant in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, a restaurant owned and operated by franchisee, Hawaii Pizza Hut, Inc.  She and her team recently received the prestigious award for “Delivery Restaurant with the Highest Sales Volume.”

What makes this restaurant so successful? Sabas runs it with strong leadership, ownership and accountability, and prioritizes providing feedback, and mentorship to others across the organization.

Her team members appreciate her investment in their development. She inspires them to do their best work, be their best selves and make a difference in others’ lives. Sabas shares, “I feel that setting a good example with a positive, can-do attitude will help them be confident in everything they do.”

It starts with hiring

When hiring people for her team, Sabas loves to promote from within. She also looks for employees who are potential management candidates. They must be dependable, hardworking team players who are willing to learn with an enthusiastic attitude. Throughout the training process, she makes a point to show new hires why things are done in a certain way. This helps them to better understand what they’re doing.

Sabas says her career with the Pizza Hut brand and Hawaii Pizza Hut, Inc. helped her gain confidence. She chuckles as she says, “As far as a career, I didn’t think being a manager was my career choice at first, but after being with Hawaii Pizza Hut, Inc. for more than 20 years and still having fun…I guess it’s a career choice!” She adds, “Having fun is what makes this a great place to work. My team is great! We create little challenges between each other. We may be crazy, but we look forward to the busy days, especially Halloween and a certain Sunday in February that revolves around a big football game.”

It’s all about the team

When asked what it meant to receive the award, she responded, “This award validates the hard work that we put in day in and day out with all the challenges that come with it.  It’s such an accomplishment when my whole team gets excited about winning. We love it!”

Congratulations to Lisa Sabas and her team for this well-deserved award!

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