2020 Pizza Hut Proud Award Winners

The great Mr. Fred Rogers once said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

When the global pandemic hit, our Team Members became the helpers, showing up every day for our customers and our communities, going above and beyond the call of the Pizza Guy.

That’s why we are thrilled to have launched the Pizza Hut Proud Award this year in appreciation of our teams, their hard work and their dedication. Nominated by their organization’s owners, key operators and HR teams, our winners are the embodiment of our Life Unboxed culture, rising to the challenge and ensuring our customers feel safe, valued and cared for.

Please help us congratulate this year’s winners:

Winner                                              Franchise Organization

AhHan Silva-Asuncion                    Kurihara

Alissa Gibson                                    Pizza Management Company

Angela Davidson                             Spokane Valley Pizza

Ann Carr                                            New River Pizza

April Foster                                      Buckeye Valley Pizza Hut

Barbara Warren                              Quality Huts

Beverly Robertson                          RMC

Caprice Steward                              Fugate Enterprises

Carl Purbaugh, Jr.                           Bittner Restaurant Group

Chanda Thompson                         Hallrich

Chris Lilly                                           Sugar Creek Pizza

Christina Andreas                           Quality Huts

Crystal Ford                                      PHLLC

Daniel McLaughlin                          ADF American Huts

David Morse                                    SDS Restaurant Group

Debra Hart                                        JJB Brands

Dixie Charlton                                  Grand Mere

Dustin Eggerman                            Quality Huts

Eric Smith                                         Staab Management Company

Faye Kahue                                       Kurihara

Geraldine Abdon                            Kurihara

Ida Ramarui                                      Kurihara

James Wilbert                                  2JR Pizza Enterprises

Jeff Chalfant                                     RMC

Jennifer Soto                                    La Raza Pizza

Jeremy Roberts                                              Quality Huts

Jill Holland                                        SDS Restaurant Group

Jennifer Winegar                            Trigo Hospitality

Julie Rivas                                         Hot Pizzas

Justina Carlson                                Columbia Basin Pizza

Karen Rubley                                   SDS Restaurant Group

Kathy Moore                                    Quality Huts

Keith Hale                                         Las Vegas Pizza

Kevin Francois                                 PCF Restaurant Group

Kyla Pritchard                                  Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne

Lee Ann Fisher                                 New River Pizza

Lisa Saba                                           Kurihara

Mandi Wiersma                              Michigan Pizza Hut, Inc.

Maria Pullen                                    Hallrich

Marissa Zamora                              American West Restaurant Group

Matthew Serna                               RMC

Michelle Gast                                   Quality Huts

Nelson Mathis                                 Emerald City Pizza

Randy Holmes                                 Arnold Family of Restaurants

Rumone Traill                                  CFL Pizza

Shasta Clay                                       Quality Huts

Shawn Crable                                   Hallrich

Tami Justice                                     SDS Restaurant Group

Theresa Ruckman                           NPC International

Tony Wells                                        JRP Restaurant Group

Tyia Klein                                          Hot Pizzas           

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