Team Willy Grants Holiday Wishes

Shannon Barman and Team Willy in Kentucky are back at it again for the holiday season, spreading good will, cheer and presents wherever they go! The last time we checked in with Team Willy, they were busy celebrating their local BOOK IT! kids, and this holiday season they’ve stepped up once again for the children in their community.

Shop with a Cop is a yearly program designed to foster positive relationships with law enforcement by providing children in need with a fun-filled shopping trip alongside a member of the police department where they can pick out gifts for their family. A series of unfortunate events made it so that the program’s usual funding sources were not available, so Shannon and team went to work!

With Team Willy involved, Williamsburg’s annual Turkey Trot had over 200 participants this year and was able to raise over $12,000! That was just shy of the total needed to ensure that all 186 kids who had been identified to participate could do so. Luckily, RAGE Inc., the franchise company that owns Shannon’s Pizza Hut location, was more than happy to fill in the gap, donating the additional money needed so every child could participate! According to the Williamsburg Mayor, Roddy Harrison now each child will receive $100 to shop for their Christmas presents this year.

“I normally don’t do this, but we have to thank Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut has donated $5,000,” Harrison told Turkey Trot participants. “Because of them and because of you guys, we are going to be able to take the number of children that we normally take to Shop with a Cop. Thank you so much.”

It’s a holiday story as warm as a Pizza Hut oven, and we have Team Willy to thank once again for their tireless work in the Williamsburg, Kentucky, community. This is what it looks like to truly live Life Unboxed.



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