Top 100 Million Reasons Why Working At Pizza Hut Is Special

We could probably list out 100 million individual reasons why working at Pizza Hut is special – but since in today’s day and age everyone wants what they want when they want it – we will get right to the point.

Today, Pizza Hut marks a milestone having donated 100 million pounds of food to charitable organizations in need across the country through our Harvest program. Pizza Hut has a strong legacy with food donations, dating back to 1992 (yes, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary with Harvest!) when we became the first company to create a national surplus food donation program in partnership with Food Donation Connection. Each pound of food donated is a reason why working at Pizza Hut is so special – because here, we do much more than just make pizza – we make people happy.

Thank you to the community organizations, volunteers, and our team members and franchisees across the nation that worked together to make this happen. Here’s to the next 25 years of giving back to the communities we serve, and 100 million more reasons to love being part of the Pizza Hut family.

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