Pizza Hut Wins Grand Prize Volunteer Grant Benefiting Local Community

Pizza Hut prides itself on being a company with a huge heart that lives Life Unboxed. To assist in pursuit of this goal, The Yum! Foundation awarded 60 grants ($325,000) last year in support of employees’ volunteer efforts across the globe. The Foundation also awards year-end prizes to recognize projects that made the largest impact.

Enter Nick Price.

Nick Price is in the helping business. At Pizza Hut, Nick is on the Help Desk team in Louisville, KY, which supports the restaurant system across the US. In 2014, his team was searching for a charity to support the following year and Nick remembered a time in his life, when The Healing Place supported him. The Healing Place helps men and women suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, provides the tools for recovery, and helps restore productive lives. Nick pitched the idea of supporting this charity and was able to convince his colleagues it was the right choice. Since then, the team has fed over 1,500 homeless men and women (a total of 2,400 slices of pizza), saving The Healing Place thousands of dollars. Earlier in 2015, Nick applied for and won a $1,000 volunteer grant through the Yum! Foundation.

But, the giving did not stop there. Yum! was so impressed with what they had managed to accomplish that, much to Nick and the team’s delight, they won the $25,000 Platinum Volunteer Grant benefiting The Healing Place. Watch the embedded video for a hint to see why Nick and team were awarded the grant.

Nick said, “It’s wonderful to see how grateful and extremely happy the recipients are when they get Pizza Hut.” He understands it’s about more than feeding people, but food donations allow The Healing Place to save money for other pressing issues. The Help Desk team has committed to delivering pizza once a month in 2016, with plans to fundraise so they can support even further.

Since Yum! Foundation recently announced The Healing Place as the Platinum Grant recipient, Nick has received quite a lot of attention. While interviewing Nick over the phone, I heard his colleagues joking with him a bit and when he returned to the line, he shared his newly acquired nickname. What is it, you ask? Hollywood. Humble as ever, Nick laughs it off and credits it to the rest of the team, including Shawn Giardina, Molly Hart, and Christina Martin just to name a few regulars of the 50+ volunteers.

To say the least, Pizza Hut and Yum! Brands are extremely proud of the volunteers across the world and extends a very sincere congratulations to The Healing Place and Nick “Hollywood” Price.

Thanks Nick for lighting the spark on your team that lead to so many people getting a helping hand. You are truly living Life Unboxed.

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