Pizza Hut is at 100K Opportunities in Phoenix!

In August, something extraordinary happened here at Pizza Hut. You may have heard that we joined the coalition of companies at the first 100,000 Opportunities Initiative event in Chicago, where we spent the day interviewing youth who were unemployed and out of school for jobs at Pizza Hut. It was an amazing, inspiring day, as we interviewed roughly 150 people in four hours. In partnership with our local franchises, we were able to make a whole bunch of job offers, and were so excited to meet some truly exceptional candidates.

And so, once again Pizza Hut is taking to the road, this time to Phoenix, Arizona to the second opportunity fair today, October 30. We’ll be partnering with local franchises Hot Pizzas LLC (Remember them? They’re great.) and BBH, LLC to spend the day interviewing some incredible candidates once again.

“We are genuinely excited to participate in the Phoenix event. Chicago was such a success and we look forward to meeting more amazing potential Team Members, Delivery Drivers and Shift Managers for our Phoenix area restaurants,” said Joyce Jenkins, People Capability Leader with Pizza Hut.

Phoenix is a great place to stop on the 100K tour. According to the 100k press release, “nationally, one in seven young adults does not work or attend school; however in Phoenix, and across Maricopa County, that statistic is closer to one in five – the highest rate of youth disengagement among the largest 25 cities in America.” Pizza Hut is looking forward to joining the 20 other companies and community organizations headed to Phoenix to begin to tackle this problem.

Check out or for more information. Unfortunately, we won’t be covering all the action live here, but check back for a wrap-up of the event and for news of 100k events to come!

[Photo Credit: Big Stock/Duallogic]

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