Pizza Hut Career Path With Angel Navarrete





All words that come to mind after chatting with Pizza Hut’s Angel Navarrete. Angel began working at Pizza Hut in high school with hopes to save a little extra cash and no legitimate plans of starting a career there.

Fast-forward seven years: Angel is a newly promoted Area Coach in the Dallas Fort-Worth region with no signs of slowing down. Hut Life sat down with Angel to get an idea of what his journey has been like inside the Hut.

Q: What roles have you been in while at Pizza Hut?

A: I started out as a CSR (customer service representative) and moved up to shift manager. Later, I transferred to a few stores to help in different ways, one tasked with a turnaround. I was promoted to RGM (Restaurant General Manager) after four years and opened a brand new Pizza Hut restaurant. It was quite rewarding to hire my own team and build from the ground up. Two years later I moved into a training role for RGMs, and most recently [was] promoted to Area Coach.

Q: Why is Pizza Hut special to you?

A: I take pride in serving hot pizza to customers, but my favorite thing is that Pizza Hut has allowed me to grow and develop. I love meeting new people and new customers.

I also appreciate that Pizza Hut gives back to the communities they serve. For example, my restaurant supported the Keep Mesquite Beautiful event for Earth Week last year by providing food for volunteers.

Q: Pizza Hut is all about living Life Unboxed? What does Life Unboxed mean to you and your teams?

A: Sometimes in the restaurant, messages from corporate can get lost or are hard to be put into practice. The beautiful thing about Life Unboxed is that you can put your spin on it. I always encourage my teams to work together and recognize, two fundamental principles of Life Unboxed.

Q: What advice do you have for the high school student that’s in a similar position to where you were seven years ago?

A: If desired, make it known that you want to grow. Make sure your manager is aware that you want to develop and explore new roles. Don’t be afraid to take the next step, whether it be shift manager, RGM, etc. or another aspect of your life.

Q: What’s next for you, Angel?

A: More milestones. I just purchased a home. Just became an Area Coach. I want to continue to become my best through growth and new challenges, while unlocking the potential of others.


As you can see, Angel is on an upward trajectory path and we look forward to seeing what’s to come.

We’re always looking for new team members like Angel who will be a spark. If Angel’s story inspired you, check out and apply today!

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