Our Quality Story

When it comes to our food, these days we want quality, we want transparency; we want something to serve to our families that we don’t have to feel guilty about. Here at Pizza Hut, we’re fortunate to have teams that allow us to provide quality ingredients to our customers.

Creating Food We’re Proud to Serve

Pizza Hut is first and foremost a restaurant, founded by a two brothers in Wichita, Kansas, with a $600 loan from their mother. The idea itself was inspired by an article in The Saturday Evening Post that talked about this new pizza phenomenon. The brothers decided to open a pizza place and made sure all customers received great-tasting pizza and outstanding service. More than 58 years later, these tenets of delicious food and quality service still exist in our restaurants today. Watch the video “Our Quality Story” on YouTube.

When it comes to the three main ingredients that make up any quality pizza: tomatoes, cheese and flour for the dough, Pizza Hut makes quality ingredients a top priority. We have long-standing relationships with our suppliers for these critical ingredients that allow us to not only be first in line for high-quality ingredients, but also to make changes that have ripple effects across the industry. We have standards―from farm to fingers―for everything that goes into our food, and we make sure our suppliers adhere to those standards every step of the way.

Creating food we’re proud to serve is not only a mantra, it’s a way of life here at Pizza Hut. You can see it reflected in the work we do all the way from the culinary innovation team to the restaurant kitchens where our cooks are serving up pizzas day in and day out. This commitment is reflected at www.pizzahut.com/restaurantquality, where customers can go to learn more about the pizzas we serve and educate themselves on our restaurant-quality food. We’re even updating the look of our restaurants themselves with 700 new or remodeled locations planned for this year. And we’re not done! As long as America wants pizza, we’ll be here making sure they get the best we have to offer.

Check back for more of our Life Unboxed blog series about our commitment to creating food we’re proud to serve with restaurant-quality ingredients and service. 

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