New Guide Addresses Food Waste Head On

Having donated over 100 million pounds of food, Pizza Hut is no stranger to reducing food waste. We’ve been in the game since 1992 when we launched our food donation program, Harvest.

In addition to running the Harvest program and participating in the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, we recently provided insight to ReFED, a multi-stakeholder nonprofit organization committed to reducing the $218 billion of food waste in the United States. ReFED works with businesses, investors, innovators and policymakers throughout the food system to implement solutions, envisioning a future where combating food waste is a core driver of business profits, job creation, hunger relief and environmental protection.

With help from Pizza Hut, our sister brands KFC and Taco Bell, other industry experts and category leaders, ReFED published the Restaurant Food Waste Action Guide. The guide was designed to support restaurants in developing and implementing food waste reduction solutions and is available for download on ReFED’s website.

The guide is just one way to help encourage other companies and restaurant leaders to rethink food waste.

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