How We’re Taking Action Against Inequality

As we continue to listen to the voices and experiences of Black Americans, one message is clear: this is the time for action.  So today we are sharing with you the initial actions that Pizza Hut is committing to and what we are doing now to be a catalyst for change against racism and injustice.

Put simply, Pizza Hut stands against oppression, violence, hatred, racism and intolerance towards Black people. This issue, however, is not simple, and a fuller expression of our thoughts and beliefs on systemic racism and acts of hatred can be found here. We are in a position to help build a more equitable and inclusive society. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Listening to Black voices within our organization and creating a plan. Pizza Hut leaders will conduct a listening tour in conjunction with Mosaic, a new multicultural employee resource group, so that employees have a chance to share their perspectives on a range of issues pertaining to race, intolerance, protest as political expression, and more. The Mosaic Steering Committee will serve as an advisory council to the President of Pizza Hut. We will also embark on a franchisee listening tour with the hopes of eventually equipping key HR and Operations leaders to run panels and discussions with their franchise organizations.
  • Hiring a Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, a new position that will sit on the Pizza Hut US Leadership Team and ensure diverse voices are a critical part of the conversation and decision-making process at all levels of our organization.
  • Pledging $3M to social justice efforts in partnership with our parent company, Yum!, and our sister brands. Funding will go to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, American Civil Liberties Union and various social justice nonprofits. $1M of this will go to community and social justice organizations identified with input from restaurant general managers, including managers from Pizza Hut.
  • Championing literacy for change. We believe equitable access to education and literacy is a right and can lead to positive, systemic change. This belief took root 35 years ago when we created the BOOK IT! Program, and we’re building on it now by partnering with First Book, our national nonprofit partner, to increase access to diverse and inclusive children’s books. Children want to read books with characters and stories that reflect their lives. Yet, in 2018 just 11% of children’s books featured Black characters. We’re committed to amplifying the voices and experiences of under-represented people and communities, and we’ll have additional news to share on this front in the coming months.

While we will continue to listen, learn, and develop a long-term plan to help combat systemic racism, we are overdue for action. The steps above are a few small—though critical—steps we are taking now, and the first of more to come.

We want to be clear with our Black customers, team members, partners, family and friends—your lives matter, Black Lives Matter, we stand with you.

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