Denver Post Shadows Pizza Hut Delivery Driver

Last week, Tierra Smith, a reporter at The Denver Post, shadowed a Pizza Hut delivery driver in Aurora, Colorado and wrote a story about her experience. Tierra spent time on the road with William Harrison, 25, who talked about why he likes working at Pizza Hut and what it takes to be a delivery driver. Check out the full story over at The Denver Post’s blog, The Balance Sheet. [Photo Credit: Brent Lewis, The Denver Post]

With his blonde hair poking out of the back of his cap, William Harrison, 25, of Aurora, dashes on a Wednesday afternoon from his  car into the on Chambers Road and Colfax Avenue in Aurora.

Once inside, he hands the manager the receipt from the previous order and the cash he received. While he waits for his tip and the cash for his bank – never more than $15 for safety reasons — he grabs another delivery order and checks it for accuracy. Before heading back out, he grabs some condiments and soda for the customers who ordered it.

Three minutes, in and out. Then Harrison is headed to another house, business or even school. This time, he was headed to Caterpillar plant to deliver Pizza Hut’s new Hot Dog Bites Pizza.

“The crust is not thick or thin, but that’s what make’s it pretty good,” said Connie Vidas, an employee at the plant, as she calls some of her coworkers over to try the pizza.

The new pizza option is a large pizza with the customer’s choice of toppings surrounded by 28 mini-hot dogs with a side of French’s mustard for dipping. For a one-topping pizza, the price starts at $11.99. Pizza Hut started the promotion on June 18.

To read the rest of the story, head over to The Denver Post!

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