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Tori Oman

  • Celebrating Literacy with Rico Rodriguez

    This year on September 8, International Literacy Day, Pizza Hut announced a commitment to literacy and reading by launching Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project. Building on a 30+ year legacy of supporting literacy in…

    September 16
  • Dallas Summer Reading Club

    Dallas Summer Reading Club

    By Tori Oman, Associate Manager, Global Internal Brand Experience and Community Impact   Q: What brings a live band, zoo animals, local sport’s mascots and Pizza Hut to the Dallas Public Library on a Tuesday…

    May 26
  • pudsey

    Pudsey and Pizza Hut Raise Money for Children in Need

    By Tori Oman, Associate Manager, Global Internal Brand Experience and Community Impact  If you’ve moseyed over to the other side of the pond lately, you’ve probably noticed that the Pizza Hut delivery in the UK has…

    January 29
  • awkward

    Awkward Moments Made Better by Pizza

    Whether it’s the time you tripped up the stairs at graduation or the time you drooled on a stranger sitting next to you on a long flight home, awkward moments are everywhere. Luckily, pizza…

    December 7
  • philippines

    World Hunger Relief in the Philippines

    The Pizza Hut team in the Philippines teamed up with the United Nations World Food Programme and ventured outinto the conflict-affected community of Laneo, Mindanao, one of the benefiting communities from funds raised by Pizza Hut’s…

    November 30
  • creativity

    Creativity at Pizza Hut: Hut Fund, and More!

    Tori Oman writes how growing up in the arts has helped her become a better Pizza Hut team member, and how in turn Pizza Hut gives back to kids looking to explore their artsy…

    October 21