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  • friends

    Chelsea and Laura: Friends at First Pizza

    Chelsea Hamlyn and Laura Bingham are living the dream: as former Pizza Hut interns, they met and became fast friends, and later came on board as full time members of the Human Resources team.…

    February 8
  • reading

    BOOK IT! Gives the Gift of Reading

    Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you benefitted from being exposed to reading at a very young age. It became part of your skillset, one that you continue to use today. Unfortunately, many children…

    January 7
  • creativity

    Creativity at Pizza Hut: Hut Fund, and More!

    Tori Oman writes how growing up in the arts has helped her become a better Pizza Hut team member, and how in turn Pizza Hut gives back to kids looking to explore their artsy…

    October 21
  • wings

    A Day in the Life of a WingStreet Flavorologist

    If we were in the business of handing out personality awards to our coworkers, Chris Pull would win the Nicest Person with the Most Unexpected Career Path award. A Scientist on our Food Innovation…

    October 8
  • nutrition

    Learning about Nutrition at Pizza Hut with Rachel Huber

    At the end of May, we shared some exciting news: new brand standards for ingredients, starting with the removal of artificial flavors and colors from our nationally available pizzas by the end of July.…

    September 11
  • vacovec

    Kate Vacovec Writes in…from Thailand!

    Kate Vacovec, a Finance Manager with Pizza Hut’s international team, was offered the opportunity to go global earlier this year, and jumped at the opportunity. The long flight to Thailand was just the latest…

    September 3