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  • wings

    A Day in the Life of a WingStreet Flavorologist

    If we were in the business of handing out personality awards to our coworkers, Chris Pull would win the Nicest Person with the Most Unexpected Career Path award. A Scientist on our Food Innovation…

    October 8
  • launch pad

    Back to School with Pizza Hut Launch Pad

    Sure, we have a snazzy website, a hot new beta app feature, and fantastic social media presence. But did you know that Pizza Hut’s digital leadership also extends to our in-house training platform? The…

    September 28
  • nutrition

    Learning about Nutrition at Pizza Hut with Rachel Huber

    At the end of May, we shared some exciting news: new brand standards for ingredients, starting with the removal of artificial flavors and colors from our nationally available pizzas by the end of July.…

    September 11
  • booker

    Three Things We Learned from Booker Carpenter

    Recently, Booker Carpenter, a Food Scientist here at Pizza Hut, and others from the Food Safety and Quality Assurance team flew to Salinas, California for a three-day meeting of the minds among produce suppliers,…

    September 1
  • fritz

    Fritz the Dog is Terrible at Catching Cheesy Bites

    Fritz the Dog, a pup notorious for being terrible at catching things, got involved in celebrating the new Cheesy Bites pizza with a new video posted last week. In the past, Fritz has tried to…

    July 31
  • A+ Pizza: Pizza Hut’s School Lunch Program

    Growing up, many of us remember having terrible school lunches: hot dogs that bounced, hamburgers that doubled as hockey pucks, and of course, every kid’s favorite: lima beans. The highlight of the week was…

    July 29
  • gluten-free

    #TBT: The Story of the Gluten-Free Pizza

    Brands like to make jokes about being gluten-free all the time. From the car dealer advertising new “gluten-free” models to barbershops offering gluten-free haircuts and the sign in the window hawking gluten-free antiques, getting…

    June 25