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  • triple treat

    Big Pizza Delivery: Holiday Edition

    Three families in Orem, Utah got a little more than they bargained for one Tuesday night, as Pizza Hut set out to deliver the Triple Treat Box…with a side of holiday cheer! Pizza Hut…

    December 2
  • nutrition

    Learning about Nutrition at Pizza Hut with Rachel Huber

    At the end of May, we shared some exciting news: new brand standards for ingredients, starting with the removal of artificial flavors and colors from our nationally available pizzas by the end of July.…

    September 11
  • booker

    Three Things We Learned from Booker Carpenter

    Recently, Booker Carpenter, a Food Scientist here at Pizza Hut, and others from the Food Safety and Quality Assurance team flew to Salinas, California for a three-day meeting of the minds among produce suppliers,…

    September 1
  • fritz

    Fritz the Dog is Terrible at Catching Cheesy Bites

    Fritz the Dog, a pup notorious for being terrible at catching things, got involved in celebrating the new Cheesy Bites pizza with a new video posted last week. In the past, Fritz has tried to…

    July 31
  • A+ Pizza: Pizza Hut’s School Lunch Program

    Growing up, many of us remember having terrible school lunches: hot dogs that bounced, hamburgers that doubled as hockey pucks, and of course, every kid’s favorite: lima beans. The highlight of the week was…

    July 29
  • Pizza Tax Refund

    Pizza Hut Offers Pizza Tax Refund

    Tax season is the worst season. Between figuring out how many dependents you have, which forms you need to fill out, and whether or not you can write off your latest shopping splurge as…

    April 14