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  • Page Turner

    Book It! Page Turner Program

    The BOOK IT! program is still looking good for it’s age! At 32 years old the program enjoys the distinction of being the longest running corporate-supported literacy initiative in the nation and from day…

    October 18
  • Celebrating Literacy with Rico Rodriguez

    This year on September 8, International Literacy Day, Pizza Hut announced a commitment to literacy and reading by launching Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project. Building on a 30+ year legacy of supporting literacy in…

    September 16
  • service

    Serving Pizzas, Serving Communities

    Since the neighborhood restaurant is where Pizza Hut got its start, it only makes sense that for this Pizza People Profile we turn the spotlight to one of our Restaurant General Managers, a woman…

    August 11
  • Pizza Hut Awards

    Pizza Hut Awards Excellence

    Every year Pizza Hut gives out a trio of awards that highlight excellence in different aspects of our field operations. The ballots are in for 2015 and the winners have been chosen! Read more about…

    June 16
  • Dallas Summer Reading Club

    Dallas Summer Reading Club

    By Tori Oman, Associate Manager, Global Internal Brand Experience and Community Impact   Q: What brings a live band, zoo animals, local sport’s mascots and Pizza Hut to the Dallas Public Library on a Tuesday…

    May 26
  • reading

    BOOK IT! Gives the Gift of Reading

    Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you benefitted from being exposed to reading at a very young age. It became part of your skillset, one that you continue to use today. Unfortunately, many children…

    January 7