Pizza Hut Introduces Pizza Flavored Beer: The Pepperoni Pilsner

Like milk and cookies, crackers and cheese, or bacon and eggs, pizza and beer go together perfectly. There’s nothing better than having an ice cold beer with your favorite cheesy, tomato-y, Pizza Hut pie. Until now.

Introducing our latest flavor innovation, the Pepperoni Pilsner beer:


Inspired by our Flavor of Now menu ingredients, the Pilsner is spiced up with the rich notes of Italian herbs, fruity Roma tomatoes, and Peruvian cherry peppers. Take a look at the master craftsmanship going on behind the scenes at the brewery:



pizza flavored beer


[Editor’s Note: April Fools! Settle down over there, we make pizza, not beers. Gotcha! (Also, if you were duped, you weren’t the only one. The Blog Squad’s very own Tori Oman almost fell over with excitement.)]

pizza flavored beer

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