Pizza Hut People

pizza hut people

There’s nothing cookie cutter about Pizza Hut. Not our pizzas. Not our people. And definitely not the way we do life. We aren’t for people who want to blend in. We’re for those who are ready to break free. This is what sets Pizza Hut apart – because at Pizza Hut you can become your best, make friends and have fun built on our culture to Team Together, Believe in All People and Recognize Great Work.

Let’s lose the limits and go for what we’re after.  This is LIFE UNBOXED.


The 2016 Pizza Championship

The Pizza Championship is an event where Team Members have fun and make friends while focusing on the importance of ...
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carol-clements Most Powerful Businesswomen

Busy Business Woman

Every year the National Diversity Council selects a group of businesswomen they feel contributed to significant business growth, strategic direction, ...
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Unlocking Potential with Excelsior College

Sara Phinney of Los Angeles, California, hadn’t attended college in more than 15 years and was 30 credits away ...
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Innovation does not stop with our pizzas and products. Yes, we’ve stuffed hot dogs in crust and made Read More
summer games

2016 Pizza Championship Coming Soon!

It’s that time of year again. Pizza Hut is holding our annual equity Pizza Championship on August 17! Eleven Pizza ...
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Our Quality Story

When it comes to our food, these days we want quality, we want transparency; we want something to serve ...
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