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    Innovation does not stop with our pizzas and products. Yes, we’ve stuffed hot dogs in crust and made projectors out of packaging, but creativity also flows through our Team Members’ veins. In May 2016,…

    August 24
  • summer games

    2016 Pizza Championship Coming Soon!

    It’s that time of year again. Pizza Hut is holding our annual equity Pizza Championship on August 17! Eleven Pizza Hut team members will travel to Dallas from all across the nation to compete…

    August 15
  • Restaurant-Quality

    Our Quality Story

    When it comes to our food, these days we want quality, we want transparency; we want something to serve to our families that we don’t have to feel guilty about. Here at Pizza Hut,…

    August 15
  • service

    Serving Pizzas, Serving Communities

    Since the neighborhood restaurant is where Pizza Hut got its start, it only makes sense that for this Pizza People Profile we turn the spotlight to one of our Restaurant General Managers, a woman…

    August 11
  • New

    Building a New Red Roof

    The Red Roof isn’t just an architectural style, after 58 years and more than 6,000 restaurants, it’s a part of Americana, a cultural touch point that just about everyone can readily identify. So, how do…

    July 19
  • gaming

    Pizza Hut Gets into the Game

    While most of the world has been carefully crafting their social media presence, adjusting filters and choosing emojis, the video game industry has continued to thrive and grow. The industry has taken on new…

    July 12
  • Excelsior College

    Excelsior College Ranked #1

    In 2015, Pizza Hut partnered with Excelsior College, a fully-accredited, private, non-profit college offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees, to provide 49% tuition discount for employees AND their families. Recently Excelsior College was named as…

    June 24