• Jason

    The All-American Choice

    A month ago we sent out the clarion call for a pizza loving sports fan who wouldn’t mind putting their life on hold for almost a year to go to DI NCAA championships all…

    November 17
  • Students Get A Taste of Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut Hosts Career Immersion Day and Announces Life Unboxed Scholarship by Chris Finley, CSR and Internal Brand Experience Your alarm beeps loudly at 7:00 am, parent pulls on one of your toes, and the family…

    November 15
  • Perry

    Wing-A-Palooza® Rocks Out

    Earlier this year Pizza Hut Express in partnership with Army and Air Force Exchange Service challenged soldiers stationed at installations all over Europe and the Pacific to see who could devour the most wings…

    November 8
  • College

    Unlocking Potential with Excelsior College

    Sara Phinney of Los Angeles, California, hadn’t attended college in more than 15 years and was 30 credits away from earning her bachelor’s degree. The Seattle, Washington, native was thrilled to learn that her…

    October 31
  • Sports

    Calling All Pizza Loving Sports Fans!

    Have we got an opportunity for you! Fall is in full swing; leaves are starting to fall, and the air is getting a little crisper as college sports are starting to heat up. Smell…

    October 18
  • Page Turner

    Book It! Page Turner Program

    The BOOK IT! program is still looking good for it’s age! At 32 years old the program enjoys the distinction of being the longest running corporate-supported literacy initiative in the nation and from day…

    October 18
  • Pizza Month

    October is National Pizza Month!

    The gold standard of inventions might be sliced bread but we know differently. We know there’s only one cheesy, saucy delicious treat that just about everyone can agree is one of human kind’s most…

    October 3