Our Team Members are the Greatest.

This week, we’ve been collecting stories and anecdotes from team members about one of their favorite parts about working at Pizza Hut: the customers. Stories came in that made us smile, laugh out loud, and even shed a tear or two. Overall, the tales they told showed us just how great our team members were at making Pizza Hut an exceptional experience for our fans.

One favorite story? A gentleman named John Hughes, a guest at Pizza Hut in Conway, Arkansas who has been enjoying Pizza Hut for the last 53 years. According to the team members in Conway, Mr. Hughes’ fandom of Pizza Hut started when his third daughter was just seven years old. He would make it a point to gather family and friends for pizza night every Friday, and a tradition was born.


Mr. Hughes and his wife have moved over 40 times, with stops in Colorado, Rhode Island, Kentucky, and more. Though nearly everything else changed, the one constant in their lives was Pizza Hut on Fridays. Jason Hamerlinck, an HR leader with our franchise in Conways, knows Mr. Hughes and remembers him coming in every Friday for pizza while he was a team member. At first, when Mr. Hughes first came in carrying a Pizza Hut delivery bag, the team thought he might be a new team member. Andrew, the Restaurant General Manager on schedule at the time, recalls, “He walked in with an old pizza hut delivery bag and a smile on his face.  I thought he was a driver, but boy was I wrong.  We gave him a ‘savor the flavor’ shirt and hat and Mr. Hughes always wears them when he comes to pick up his pizza.  He brings a smile to all of our faces and we hope to continue to see him every Friday night.”

Hearing how our team members make Pizza Hut amazing for the wonderful people who make Pizza Hut a regular part of their week has been heartwarming, and so we wanted to say one big thank you to our restaurant team. You guys are awesome.

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