Let your Table Take Your Order

Pizza Hut is bringing new meaning to the phrase “finger food.” Though this technology has been flying under the radar for a while, and we decided that since covering the eye-tracking menu and pizza ordering car, we would be remiss not to showcase another Pizza Hut ordering innovation: the interactive table. Now you can order pizzas with your fingers. Because ordering pizza with your vocal chords is sooo 1990.

In a partnership with Chaotic Moon studios, Pizza Hut is demonstrating how this new table/menu might work in a concept video:

Customers can choose their sauce, amount of cheese, toppings and crust finishers, customizable for each person at the table. Once the order is finalized and sent to the kitchen, the table offers up games for customers to enjoy while they wait for their meal. Basically, the table acts like your most popular family member, keeping kids and adults alike entertained and distracted from feeling hangry.

Though Pizza Hut has not actually tested a working table, the tech exists, and a Chaotic Moon Studios spokesperson told Fast Company that it might even be possible to have something in the market within six months.

What’s next Pizza Hut?! A robot who will hand-feed you delicious slices so you don’t have to use your arms to enjoy the hot, gooey goodness of pizza? (Please make that a thing).

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