Giving Back After A Natural Disaster

A few weeks ago a tornado hit Canton, a small city just east of Dallas, TX. Damage was widespread. Unfortunately, devastation was not limited to property as the tornadoes took the lives of four victims in the area.

In response, volunteers, community members and businesses came together. As always, the America Red Cross helped galvanize the troops and provided leadership.

One of the businesses that stepped up to the plate was Pizza Hut franchisee, Tall Timbers Pizza Hut Inc. Stan Allen, Restaurant General Manager (RGM) of the Pizza Hut in Forney, immediately took action, donating 75 pizzas to the first responders in Canton.

The local Pizza Hut in Canton lost power on Saturday around 4 p.m., the day the tornadoes struck. Once power resumed Monday afternoon, the Canton location took over. Jason Miller, RGM, and the team went to work graciously providing an open buffet to first responders throughout the week.

Friday that same week, restaurants in Emory and Canton provided pizzas to 120 Red Cross staff and volunteers assisting with recovery efforts, including Red Cross supporter, Emmanuel Mudiay, NBA player. Mudiay, longtime Dallas Resident, visited impacted areas in Canton and Fruitvale.

From the time the tornadoes swept through to the following Friday, the Red Cross distributed:

  • 3014 meals
  • 4937 snacks
  • 2039 bulk items
  • 824 comfort kits
  • 76 cleanup kits.

In addition to the pizzas donated to the American Red Cross and first responders, Tall Timbers prepared 50 large pizzas to a storm chaser group, who helped with the cleanup efforts.

Robert Phillips, Area Coach for the three supporting Pizza Hut restaurants, humbly said, “He’s always happy to give back to the community.”

Red Cross caseworkers continue to help families create personal recovery plans, navigate paperwork and locate assistance for their specific disaster-caused needs, such as assistance for groceries, rent, medicine and other items or services.

Shout out to everyone who helped this resilient community during trying times and we’re wishing Canton a quick recovery.

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