Pizza Hut All-American Application

October 18

Are you the pizza loving, sports fan we’re looking for? Click HERE to read the full official description of duties, then if you think you’re up for it fill out the application questionnaire below and don’t forget to upload your resume and/or a video submission telling us why you deserve to be the Pizza Hut All-American!

Why are you interested in the Pizza Hut All-American opportunity?
What’s your favorite Pizza Hut pizza? Describe it in delicious, mouth-watering detail.
What was the last NCAA event you attended or watched? Who won?
What is your favorite sports movie?
Write a suggested social media post (any channel) for Pizza Hut.
What would your first social media post be as the Pizza Hut All-American?
Which 3 NCAA championships are you most interested in attending? Why?
Who are your 5 must-follow accounts on social media?
Describe your favorite Pizza Hut memory or moment.
What was the last song you sang while sitting alone in your car?
If you could invite 3 other people to dinner (dead or alive), who would you invite? (While eating Pizza Hut of course.)
If you were given $10,000 to activate at the NCAA Women’s Bowling Championship, what would you do to drive attention and awareness?
Upload your resume and/or video submission:*

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