• pie tops

    Want The Shoes That Order Pizza?

    During the craziness of March Madness, we’re stepping up and delivering big: giving fans the chance to win a pair of our coveted Pizza Hut Pie Tops sneakers. (YES, these shoes order pizza.) NCAA…

    March 30
  • Hallrich-blog-post


    There’s something special about giving back to your community, especially during the holiday season. Pizza Hut franchisee Hallrich Incorporated has been doing just that by helping their communities live Life Unboxed and unlock potential…

    February 7
  • carol-clements Most Powerful Businesswomen

    Busy Business Woman

    Every year the National Diversity Council selects a group of businesswomen they feel contributed to significant business growth, strategic direction, have a proven track record of success in their area of expertise and most…

    January 24
  • Team Willy

    Team Willy Grants Holiday Wishes

    Shannon Barman and Team Willy in Kentucky are back at it again for the holiday season, spreading good will, cheer and presents wherever they go! The last time we checked in with Team Willy,…

    December 19
  • Twitter

    Chatting with Pizza Hut

    As you go about your Cyber Monday shopping you’ll be happy to know that the days of shouting into the social media void are numbered! Thanks to new direct messaging technology on Twitter and…

    November 28
  • Jason

    The All-American Choice

    A month ago we sent out the clarion call for a pizza loving sports fan who wouldn’t mind putting their life on hold for almost a year to go to DI NCAA championships all…

    November 17
  • uplift-career-day-group-shot

    Students Get A Taste of Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut Hosts Career Immersion Day and Announces Life Unboxed Scholarship by Chris Finley, CSR and Internal Brand Experience Your alarm beeps loudly at 7:00 am, parent pulls on one of your toes, and the family…

    November 15