Combatting Hunger in Pizza Huts Everywhere

Our restaurants all over the world are wrapping up our annual World Hunger Relief campaign this week. Since 2007, Yum! Brands, including Pizza Hut, have held their annual World Hunger Relief campaign to raise funds for the United Nations World Food Programme and other hunger relief programs. And, since then, over $185 million dollars has provided approximately 750 million meals around the world. Each year, our restaurants get even more creative and motivated to make a difference. We’ve been collecting great stories of the creative ways our restaurants are encouraging others to get involved, and thought we would share just a few here.

Curious about how Pizza Hut supports the World Food Programme? Interested in giving back to this important cause? Just hungry? Go to and get the scoop.

From Erica Rich, Daland Corporation in Sandusky, Michigan:

“To say that my heart is invested in this cause would be an understatement, with a lot of our staff having the same compassion as I do. We are motivated by the chance to help out needy children as well as supporting our local food drive.

To me, this is a chance to bring a small town together and do something on a global scale. We have so many extra fundraisers going on to help us reach our goal this year, and we are so excited! We are selling candy bars and baked goods out of our store to raise extra funds. The past couple weekends, we have hosted yard sales with donated items from our staff and members of the community. We have a bake sale going on next weekend, which I’m told has had a lot of success in the past. I have used my connections in the community to get donated items for a raffle where there are great gifts for all the winners. Each week, one of the managers in our store puts gift baskets together for our silent auction. The silent auction has been a huge success and it is exciting to watch the staff bid on items every day!”

Last but not least, we have three schools in our community that are holding penny drives for World Hunger Relief. To say this is a busy time of year is an understatement, but the passion will pull us through! Our team is so excited to put Sandusky in the running this year to feed kids around the world and hopefully feed the children in our own community.”

From Fernanda Petta, Pizza Hut Brazil:

World Hunger Relief became very personal this week, after a storm struck Porto Alegre, Brazil mid-October, bringing rain and flooding to the region. As many as 1,500 people are homeless, and an estimated 12,000 have been affected by flooding. Pizza Hut Brazil is stepping up their efforts to support local communities in 119 cities in the south of Brazil. The government declared a state of emergency and asked for humanitarian assistance and aid, setting the stage for the World Food Programme to provide disaster relief.

Meanwhile, Pizza Hut Franchisee Henry Chmelnitsky, who manages six restaurants in the south of Brazil, offered emergency relief by donating food, clean water, clothes and hygiene products for the victims of the disaster that are temporarily living in a provisory gymnasium rented by the municipal authority.

His restaurants were able to help 200 people with $5,000 in cleaning materials. The video at the link by the local government shows Henry and others as they work to gather relief materials for the community.


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